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Don’t be bothered by pests in your home, cottage or business when there’s an environmentally friendly alternative that’s locally owned and operated. EnviroPest is southern Ontario’s least toxic, non-chemical solution to pest control. We’re even available 24/7!


At EnviroPest, we use the Integrated Pest Management system, which is a way of solving your pest problem in a way that won’t damage the planet. By using the least toxic or non-chemical solutions, we are able to minimize the foot print that we leave on our planet. We’ll also answer your call any time of day or night.

For Homes, Businesses, Cottages

Whether you’re plagued by insects in your home, rodents in your business or bats in your cottage, EnviroPest will find a way to remove them and keep them out for good. We always treat using the least toxic or non-chemical solutions, keeping everyone involved much healthier.

Even Odour Control!

At EnviroPest, we even handle odour control in homes, cottages and businesses. Don’t let pests carry disease or leave a bad impression on your residence or shop, call EnviroPest today!

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  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Least Toxic Non-Chemical Solutions

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